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I welcome your comments and questions.


If you have photos you would like to share with other owners (by having them posted on this site) simply contact me using the below form, and I will write back to you providing an email address for you to use to send the photos.

PLEASE NOTE:  I do NOT provide quotes for any Conn Guitar value by email. There is far too much that goes into the valuation of a guitar to simply provide a quote without seeing the instrument. There are services on the interent that provide this service without actually seeing your guitar, but it is not part of what I do. I am happy to provide an estimate of value if the instrument is in my hands so that I can ensure the estimate is accurate. 

ALSO: If you have submitted photos and I have not posted them, please know that I will do so...but it may take some time. This site is a labor of love, but I do have a day job.

Contact Me

I make every attempt to respond promptly to all inquiries or comments. On rare occasions, I may miss a notification, or may be delayed in responding, but normally I try to respond within a day or two. If you've not heard from me within a week, feel free to send another message. 

Thanks for submitting!

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